Are you ready to…

Create Your Online Course, Grow Your Online Following, & Make Some Serious “Freedom” Money?


If you’re done with the doubt, struggles, and overwhelm that stop you every time you think about your own online course…

…Then it’s time to breakthrough to the Entrepreneur in You!

What would your life be like if you were making an extra $5K a month? How about an extra $100K a year?


If you’re wondering why you’re not, it’s because you’re trading time for dollars.

Even if you are running your own business...

Most Entrepreneurs who dream of launching an online course don’t realize there is one serious obstacle that stands in their way.

And it Not what you think?

What is it?

Well, before I tell you, let me ask you a question:

If you've wanted to create an online course for a while...

Or if you’ve launched and not had the success you know you can…

which of these applies to you:

  • You consistently feel that you need to learn more and more, so you subscribe to and study everything you can get your hands rather than executing on what you already know…


  • The planning never stops-your in a constant state of tinkering with mind maps, outlines, journal entries, rough drafts but nothing is ever finished or “ready” enough to start making money from.


  • You get paralyzed by a fear of judgement at the thought that you might make a mistake and people will see that you’re not perfect.


  • You’re overwhelmed by the lack of control and the uncertainty of starting your own business, so you never take action…

How much of that applies to you? Maybe, now you know why your stuck... because you're in:


The Expert Mindset



Aren't you suppose to be an expert? I mean, don't people want to learn from experts?

The answer might surprise you but first it's important to say...


Experts Don’t Create Businesses. They Work In Them!

The Expert Mindset is a way of thinking about your work and all the things someone needs to be good at their job (it’s not necessarily the same stuff you need to be an Entrepreneur.)...

One that puts aspiring entrepreneurs (just like you) on the path to pain, frustration, and confusion from the beginning…

And leads to a lot of wasted time & energy along the way.


An “expert mindset” is what keeps you stuck Thinking about your business but not Building it.  As an expert, your goal is MASTERY but as an Entrepreneur you have to learn how to build the airplane while it's in the air!  Your core strategies of “being better” and “knowing more” simply lead you to delay, delay, delay. I don’t have to tell you but this is a broken strategy!


  • It’s what keeps you delaying… unable to start...acquiring strategy after strategy… waiting till you can “do it the right way”.


  • It’s what keeps you doubting... am I good enough… taking those jobs you don’t love… working for other people’s vision… Getting job performance reports for doing something you never dreamed about doing.


  • It’s what keeps you debating... will they buy it… all the while knowing you are missing out on the life you were meant to live… unable to commit to your greatness.




But who am I to tell you that?

Hi, my name is Ryan Kingslien.

My journey to owning my own business, affecting the lives of over 10,000 students and building a name for myself in my industry all started with a boss that threatened to fire me... three times.

I remember thinking, I've worked way too hard...  I've studied way too long to have someone else have this much control over my life.  

Then, when my wife told me she was pregnant with our first child, I knew it was Do or Die time.  

With one Amex card (with a $1,000 limit) we built our first site using Joomla and some ecommerce plugin by a UK developer that connected permissions through some sort of pinging system... Morse code?

My first class made $19,530 in two months and I was hooked!  

I've since gone on to generate $6.5 million in revenue and launch over 100 courses.  

Today, my business gives me the Freedom to live life on my terms.  Live where I want. Focus on the things I want to focus on. Surround myself with the people I want to be around.

I'm so incredibly excited to teach you how you can do it to but the first lesson you'll need to learn is to...

... Breakthrough the Expert and awaken the Entrepreneur in you.

If you're like most struggling entrepreneurs, then chances are, you're operating from this expert mindset because it served you well in your career.

But Entrepreneurs are more than just experts.

In an expert mindset, your growth is limited by YOUR skills. You are the one who solves the problems.  You’re always struggling, learning, and improving your skills but building a business is much more than your skills.

This mindset creates a constant need to know more.  To seek validation. A need for certainty and control.  Needs that will keep you trapped.

It’s a mindset that will keep you trading time for dollars. On a direct path to burnout or boredom.

So, if having your own business seems “overwhelming” or like “an impossible dream,” it's time to breakthrough the expert mindset or stay stuck in your old patterns.

An Entrepreneur thinks very differently from an expert…


  • Experts think they need a following… Entrepreneurs are excited to build a following...
  • Experts trade time for dollars… Entrepreneurs productizing their knowledge to create real financial freedom...
  • Experts think they need to know everything before they start… Entrepreneurs trust the process and know they will figure it all out…
  • Experts are terrified of rejection and judgement… Entrepreneurs know this is priceless feedback…
  • Experts think they need to solve all the problems themselves… Entrepreneurs leverage platforms and processes to build on their dreams...


Entrepreneurs are visionaries & explorers.

They know that rules are important but they also know that, in life, it's about getting results. 

They take risks because they believe in their mission.

When you kick the expert mindset to the curb and start thinking like an Entrepreneur, you’ll get very clear on what you need to do to package, position & launch your online course.

You’ll reach more people than you ever thought possible.

You’ll make a far bigger difference than you ever dared to dream was possible.

Once you start thinking like an Entrepreneur you’ll start acting like one too. And that’s important because…



In the beginning it can seem like it’s a high school popularity contest.

You spend your time crafting the perfect social media post to tell people about your course. You act non-chalant and casual. Then compulsively check your Instagram to see the response…

Do they like me?  Did anyone comment?  What did they say? Was anyone mean?

But here’s the thing: this is your business.

High school students eventually grow up and realize that those who were popular aren’t necessarily successful.

Those who are successful learned that the key to success is adding lasting value to people’s lives.

I mean, can you imagine a 40 year old trying to cash in on the “success” of his high school football fame? (It doesn’t last that long.)

So why would you worry about validating yourself in the notoriously short lived attention span of social media?


But that’s EXACTLY what EXPERTS who struggle with starting their business do.


Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, understand that this is a game that has to be learned.  They know there are people far less skilled than they are making a far greater impact then they are all because those people learned how to play the game.

They understand that their job is to commit to their vision, to themselves and to launch their product.

They’re in it for the long haul and understand that every launch they do gets them closer to their goal of living life on their terms because...






You're the Expert...

But now you have to breakthrough to the Entrepreneur

And that's EXACTLY what I'm here to do: help you BREAKTHROUGH to the Entrepreneur role in your life faster and easier than you ever could on your own!

And one of the ways we're going to do that... You GET My Plug & Play PROCESSES to Package, Position & Launch your online course.








  • Share your passions with the world.  Make a real difference and get paid to do it.  
  • Stop trading time for dollars. Share your gifts with the world so money flows to you easily.
  • Take back control - Live life on your terms by creating an online business that you can take with you anywhere in the world.
  • Focus on the simple processes that empower your business and help you reach the people who matter to you - so you can stop worrying about your Facebook or Instagram likes.
  • Escape the dreaded “Know-It-All” syndrome and really connect with your tribe to create content that they need and Love.
  • Breakthrough the simple mindset blocks that have kept you chained to your regular job - empower your unique voice to make a difference in the world.
  • Get and use the same system I designed to create and launch over 100 courses and generate $6.5 million dollars in revenue.



Each module in Business By You contains videos and exercises specifically created to get you out of your head and into the Action! Including detailed, done-for-you checklists & worksheets to keep you moving towards Launch Day! You just fill in the blanks... it's that easy!



Module #1: Get Your ASK Out There

The first mistake that Experts make is to build the courses around themselves.

But the truth is that the students don't care about us.  They care about what they need to learn and how it will help them.

In Module 1 you learn the secret to creating courses that change people's lives.

Specifically, you'll learn how to ASK prospective students what they want to learn & how to deep-dive into their language patterns so you can custom tailor a course for their needs.

Inside Module #1, You'll Discover:

  • Identify what type of course creator you are.
  • How to survey prospective students.
  • How to convert that information into marketing and amazing content.

and more...

Then once you have this information we'll...

Module #2: Creating A Course That Connects

Starting out we need to learn how to Attract the right students.

This isn't a high school popularity contest.  This is our business and once you step into that mindset than you'll discover a whole new way to think about your brand.

Module 2 will help you understand how to pre-frame your marketing so you're speaking to Your people.

I mean, imagine if you could stop caring about the number of likes and followers and just sharing your passion with the world.

Inside Module #2, You'll Discover:

  • The Magic properties of the Frame.
  • How to Turn Off customers that aren't into you and never will be so you can serve Your people at the highest level.
  • The Number One thing you Must do to attract an audience that loves you and converts.

and more...

Brand in hand, our next stop is...

Module #3: Planning Gives You Power

Creating an online course is the exact same process as starting a business and there are a few things we need to accept...

First, it's going to get Spicy. You'll need to think on your feet and make adjustments quickly.  Once you breakthrough the Expert mindset you'll blast through problems and prioritize like a Entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs know planning is emotional. It's not about that 9:15 appointment. It's about the habits and the routines that structure your day both emotionally and productively.

We'll cover the ways the habits and the routines that you need to be a content producing machine!

Inside Module #3, You'll Discover:

  • The three Types of content that sell.
  • The secret magic of the Content Lifecycle.
  • The keys to simple and powerful course outlines that lead to powerful content.

and more...

With this road map it's time to...

Module #4: Creating The Course Content

In today's market place there are many different ways to think about course content.

Student's don't care about content, though... They care about Outcomes. What will they Get from taking your course?

When you laser focus on their outcomes you'll discover an entire ecosystem of products that you can bring to the market.

There are students for everything from coaching programs to video courses to text based courses. Think like an Entrepreneur and stretch your possibilities as a teacher!

Inside Module #4, You'll Discover:

  • Camera, lights, & scripting essentials for course creators
  • The crazy power of live webinars to impact students
  • The easiest course to produce.

and more...

Once our content is 50% created it's time to start thinking about...

Module #5: Setting It All Up

There are Four areas we need to focus on to create successful courses: Marketing, Payment. Delivery, & Over Delivery.

Peter Drucker said Business is two things: Marketing and Innovation. What I love about online courses is that they are built around you and your innovative way of thinking about your topic. So, you start with innovation and once you learn how to set up the marketing and delivery mechanims you life will be forever changed.

In Module 5, you'll deep dive into the essential choices you must make when setting up your course for scale.

This is one of my favorite chapters because it's the one area that has changed more than any other over the last two years.

Inside Module #5, You'll Discover:

  • The Platforms and Tools I use everyday.
  • The number one thing you should Not do (to save yourself thousands).
  • The most important tool you'll need (I'll give you a hint: Landing Pages!)

and more...

As soon as we've made our decisions and set up our new business venture we'll...

Module #6: Your First Funnel

Create a Sales Funnel without coming off as a sales guy or girl...

Nobody likes being sold a good... we merely put up with it because there is no other way... Or is there...

In Module 6, we'll unpack the mystery of a strong sales funnel that increases your connection with your audience.

By Giving to your prospective students first, often and all the time you can change the dynamic and get your prospective students to ask to pay you.

Inside Module #6, You'll Discover:

  • The anatomy of a Sales Funnel that converts looky loos to customers.
  • The number one rookie mistake and how to fix it (The Give, The Get, The Ask)
  • How to create a killer sequence that lets your prospective students convince themselves

and more...

With a killer sales funnel on our hands it's time to start focusing on what we are selling by focusing on the...

Module #7: The Sales Page

Prospective students don't encounter you directly. They encounter your Message.

Too many people focus on information-only approach to marketing but as the market matures and as more people enter into the online teaching space it's important to shift your focus from the Product to the Process. The Process is helps you shine and creates that Must-Have feeling in your customer.

In Module 7, we get very clear on messaging.

We'll make sure your message fits your prospects awareness of you and of the market and create a compelling message that blows past the competitions information-only approach.

Inside Module #7, You'll Discover:

  • Craft a message that breaks through the Lizard brain and connects with your customer.
  • Diagnose Prospect Awareness so you know exactly where to focus your message.
  • Learn how Gene Schwartz's five stages of market maturity can increase your sales.

and more...

At this point, we've got the funnel planned, we've got the sales page and our message crafted so it's time to...

Module #8: The Launch Videos

The key to great marketing is something they call Education Marketing.

I love marketing my online courses because they key to being successful is simple: teach people what's important in your topic and then give it to them for free!

The Giver in me always enjoys this part the most!

When you Give, Give, and Give you create reciprocity with your prospective student and all you have to Get is to Ask. The secret to wealth is to create value in other people's lives and this is where the Giver in us really shines!

Inside Module #8, You'll Discover:

  • The key to sequencing your Give to make the biggest difference in your customer life.
  • When to Ask for the sale and when not to.
  • How to leverage your expertise and how not to.

and more...

This stage could be done after the emails but since it's much harder to edit video I like to lock those down first and then move onto the...

Module #9: The Launch Emails

I love writing! It's the back door to someone's brain. Once they are reading your words in their head then you have a chance to make a difference in their lives.

However, knowing what to write can be a difficult process and often leads to emails that ask, ask, ask and never truly give.

In Module 9, I'll show you my simple strategy for converting my life experiences into compelling emails that deepen my connection with my core audience.

After all, most people have a hard time asking for the sale because they aren't aware of how much they have already given. In this module, you'll learn how to sequence your email, over deliver and turn making the sale into a no-brainer.

Inside Module #9, You'll Discover:

  • How to create the proper email sequences of Give, Give, Give, Get.
  • Transition to the sale without the drama.
  • What to do with your prospective customers after the launch.

and more...

With this last peice of the puzzle in place we're ready to get this party started and focus on the...

Module #10: The Launch

It's that Time!!! Launch Day!

Together, we'll manage the crazy roller coaster ride that is lauching your online course! Once you know what to expect you can relax and enjoy the ride.

In Module 10, I'll prepare you for the launch, the nerves, the "oh shoot, that's a 404 page!" problems... and show you how to have fun through it all.

You're going to kill it! I know it! But it's important to remember that one launch is just the beginning. You have a lifetime of launches to iterate, get better, and improve your results.

Inside Module #10, You'll Discover:

  • The number one most important thing to do in a Launch (It's not all fun and games).
  • How to deal with refunds and curate your customers.
  • How to Over Deliver and convert customers to raving fans.

and more...

By the end of these 10 modules, you’ll have completely transformed the way you think and act in your business. You’ll be ready to take on any challenge. You’ll have customers who LOVE you and the content you offer.


Get Started On Building Your Online Course Today

Bonus #1

FOUR E-Books

You'll be able to download and read four e-books I've written for you:

  • Crazy Awesome Course Creator
  • Facebook Ads: The Simple Way
  • Creating Awesome Copy
  • Swipe Files For My 2K Coaching Program & $698 Courses

Bonus #2

Tips On Great Copy

I'll share with you the resources and pointers I use daily to create awesome copy for my website and emails. I'll even share with you a checklist that I created for myself based on how I do what I do.


Build A Business Creating Online Courses Today.



  • 12 Modules of dynamic content
  • In-depth content creation modules
  • In-depth marketing & strategy modules
  • In-depth behind-the-scenes modules
  • Bonus: Crazy Awesome Course Creator
  • Bonus: Facebook Ads: The Simple Way
  • Bonus: Creating Awesome Copy
  • Bonus: Swipe Files For My $2K Coaching Program & $698 Courses
  • Bonus: Checklist & Tips On Great Copy
  • 12 weeks of weekly LIVE meetings with Ryan Kingslien
  • Customized coaching to lay the groundwork for your first online course
  • Launch your first online course!



  • 12 Modules of dynamic content
  • In-depth content creation modules
  • In-depth marketing & strategy modules
  • In-depth behind-the-scenes modules
  • Bonus: Crazy Awesome Course Creator
  • Bonus: Facebook Ads: The Simple Way
  • Bonus: Creating Awesome Copy
  • Bonus: Swipe Files For My $2K Coaching Program & $698 Courses
  • Bonus: Checklist & Tips On Great Copy
  • 12 weeks of weekly LIVE meetings with Ryan Kingslien
  • Customized coaching to lay the groundwork for your first online course
  • Launch your first online course!



  • 12 Modules of dynamic content
  • In-depth content creation modules
  • In-depth marketing & strategy modules
  • In-depth behind-the-scenes modules
  • Bonus: Crazy Awesome Course Creator
  • Bonus: Facebook Ads: The Simple Way
  • Bonus: Creating Awesome Copy
  • Bonus: Swipe Files For My $2K Coaching Program & $698 Courses
  • Bonus: Checklist & Tips On Great Copy
  • 12 weeks of weekly ONE-ON-ONE meetings with Ryan Kingslien
  • Personally tailored coaching to lay the groundwork for your first online course
  • Launch your first online course!



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