Get aligned, focused and energized in this 21 Day Challenge 

July 23rd - August 12th




The source of our biggest problems isn't the problems themselves.  It's us.

In fact, the problems we have today are there because we need them.  

The person we are Today needs those problems in order to continue Being who we are today.

The Question is...

... are you willIing to Breakthrough to a new you?

Are you willing to breakthough to the new You who is able to create the future you want?

I'm not talking about some hyped motivation seminar here.  I'm simply talking about upgrading your life so you can actually follow through on your desires and build the life you want instead of the life you have to.


In this 21 day challenge I will personally coach you through my daily practice and the 5 ESSENTIAL areas of an Awesome Life.


Experience inspiration again and unblock your potential.


Deepen your connection with yourself, your family, your craft.


Be Bold, take decisive action and leap into your future.


Build the integrity you need to follow through in life, your work, and your passions.


Increase your Capacity and expand what is possible in your life, your work and your art.



The Simple Daily Practice

Experience the one thing that has made the biggest change in my life, The Balance Exercise

Discover The Rules Of Fire

Learn the three simple laws of living an Awesome life: Be Inspired. Be Strong. Believe.

Courage To Commitment To Confidence

The path to the future You looks like this: Take action, follow through and create the building blocks of confidence in yourself, your craft and your life.

Your Breakthrough Training Modules


This 21 Day Challenge is designed to teach you how to give yourself the freedom to achieve and to grow.

I've distilled it all down to five simple modules. We'll touch base every day for 21 days to source the problem, determine the focus, align your goals and develop strong practices.

The Path

Discover your Pit. Experience your Possibility.  Forge your Path forward.

The Framework

Deepen your connection with yourself, your family, your craft.

Having It All

Learn the number one mistake our culture teaches us and how you can stop sacrificing and Have It All.

The Rules Of Fire

Learn the three simple laws of living an Awesome life: Be Inspired. Be Strong. Believe.

Spark The Fire

Develop the routine that sets you free to create a life on your terms.  Remember, Your Life, Your Rules.

Bonus #1

The Tools I Use

You'll be able to download and implement three tools I've created for you:

• The Clarity Map
• The Be - Do - Have Grid
• The Influencer Road Map

Bonus #2

The Daily Practice

I'll help you develop a customized daily practice to help you re-fuel and maintain your creative energy.

Bonus #3

Master Class: Journaling

I'll share with you how to use journaling as a way to discover a more purposeful, balanced and brave you. Your will be able to youse a journaling practice to uncover your goals and overcome any obstacles.

Are You Waiting For The Right Moment?


There are Three phrases that keep us blocked:

What IF...

Yes, But...


The NUMBER ONE mistake that people make when trying to move past a block or slump is this:

They wait.

They wait for the WHAT IFs to come true. Or for the YES, BUTs to clear the picture. Or for the SOMEDAYs to arrive.

This is a BIG MISTAKE!

You DO NOT need to wait for anything.

You need to decide who you're going to be and then simply follow through and be that person.

The CHALLENGE is understanding and knowing the Life You Want.

It's asking yourself:

"What's the Life I Want? How do I Get There?"

It's that simple. Truly.

It's a no brainer!

Are you ready to Live Your Awesome?

You'll learn how to:


Be an Active Creator of a Life that is Meaningful to You.


Discover your Tribe and your Community.


Use a Simple Daily Practice to Upgrade Your Life.


Find Balance in Your Life.

Break Through and Live Your Awesome Today!

In this 21 Day Challenge you'll receive 5 Breakthrough training modules, ongoing livestream coaching and support, members only community, and several bonus training lessons.

While the challenge officially launches July 23rd, members are already joining, engaging with each other, and receiving prep work to make this the best experience possible.


  • 21 Day Challenge subscription
  • 5 Modules of dynamic content
  • In-depth empowerment modules
  • In-depth self-reflection & self-discovery modules
  • In-depth Rules of Fire modules
  • Bonus: The Clarity Map
  • Bonus: The Be - Do - Have Grid
  • Bonus: The Influencer Road Map
  • Bonus: The Daily Practice
  • Bonus: Journaling Master Class
  • 21 days of group sessions with Ryan Kingslien
  • Customized coaching to address obstacles, align goals and break through
  • Live Your Awesome!



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