Hey there. Ryan Kingslien here. 🙂

I’m excited to announce a new class: Stylized Environment Art Creation For Games.

Instructor Anya Jo Elvidge just posted an explainer for her Stylized Environments class. You can see it HERE.

Want to learn how to create environments for games like World of Warcraft or even Fortnite? Anya’s class is going to go through that process.

It’s even going to include a section on hand-painting. And, in this little clip, she gives you a tiny demo of how she uses 3D-Coat to do that.

Make sure you click the link if you are interested in that class or want to be reminded before enrollment closes.

I’m excited to cover this, ’cause such a huge amount of environments are non-photo-realistic. Anya’s going to go over all the things you need to know — color theory, how you build the maps, the block in, composition, even VFX to help sell your environment.

Very excited for this. Make sure to click the link to learn more.

Much love,
Ryan 🙂