Hey there. Ryan here. 🙂

Sometimes I am super late to the game, but it’s important to note that software sophistication is a super important part of our career.

ZBrush beat the hell out of clay. Substance Painter has seriously added to the power of PhotoShop tech (layers and such, not acquisition…).

But what do you use as a 3D Modeller? I’m a Maya guy but, as far as I can tell, the tech has not improved much since Bay Rait was using Marai 3D, if that’s the name.

But now, Blender has just completely overtaken the conversation of which 3D app to use. Right?

Well, I’m committing here to you now to learn Blender.

If you want to join me, I’m gonna take this class from one of my business school students here. And then, another of my business school students, Oliver Villar, has some awesome stuff at blendtuts.com and blendtuts.es. Just sharing in case you were looking for something new to learn or were suffering from the Adobe acquisition headache…

I’m super optimistic about what the Allegorithmic team is going to be able to achieve with deeper pockets. I saw that firsthand with Pixologic, which didn’t turn a profit for years. Having access to deeper pockets allowed us at Pixologic to spend $100K on booths at conventions to help get the word out, fly artists in, not worry about missing payroll, and all that other stuff.

That said, I’m very sympathetic to the concern that large companies are acquiring our tech simply to become the landlords of creativity and its tools. What do you think? Are you excited or are you concerned?

Either way, I think open source is showing some incredible potential in the power of community. So, I’m gonna be heading into Brandon’s class and, if you want to pick up Blender with me, then consider that class or consider Oliver’s work over at blendtuts.com.

Much love,

P.S. If you’re excited about Substance, then make sure you check out Vinícius Cortez’s Workshop on Substance Designer. It’s a just a 3-hour workshop on how to create realistic bark. So he’s going to go through the tools to create the different shapes, how to layer those shapes, and how to create different levels of noise and a whole bunch of other things. Check it out HERE.