How to Treat Our Art

I used to think my drawings had to be perfect, good little children who would never embarrass me in public.

So, i was pretty stern with them. I yelled. I screamed. I said bad things to them... Hoping that they would mend there childish ways.

And I almost lost them.

I still remember, the moment when I saw, clear as day, how my tough love approach to my art isolated me from my own gifts.

To me, now, it's never a question of skill. Just like it's never a question about money.

Make money. Learn skills.

Don't focus entirely on money. Don't focus entirely on skill.

Do the work but don't become the work.

Remember, why do we do this?

Is it to be loved and adored? Is it to have fun? Is it to chase that elusive joyful feeling of creation?

Whatever it is, the way you do it should be filled with love and kindness towards yourself and your art.

We are the ones who build the walls in our life and we are the only ones who can smoother the fire of creativity inside those walls.