Let's Create Happy Little Artworks

Uncategorized Jul 28, 2016

Have you ever felt something in your life hollow out? Just not have the same joy?

I've got the house to myself tonight. Sonia and the kids are having a sleep-over at their Uncle's loft in DTLA and this just isn't a home without Sonia's laughter or those beautiful, screaming kids with their fights, their laughter, their hugs.

The house just feels a little bit like a shell of itself, really. Not a house but just a room.

It got me thinking about an email I got today from an artist. He didn't feel the joy anymore in his art. Is this permanent? Will I ever feel that joy again for my art, he asked?

Today my house might feel empty and hollow but tomorrow the kids will be running around laughing their heads off. I miss them now but I know this is only temporary.

When we loose the joy of creating, though, it can feel like it is never coming back. I had that feeling. I do not like that feeling.

But if my house can go from a place of joy that is filled with life to an off-strip las vegas hotel room and then back within the span of a day perhaps our feeling for our Art can to...

Perhaps all we need to do is fill it back up with a bunch of little artworks all laughing their heads off at us and having a grand time in spite of what those "adults" think of them and their "adult rules".

I don't know, but perhaps...

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