Quantity vs Quality

The single biggest mistake I see artists making today comes down to one choice: Quantity over Quality.

Most people worry about HOW LONG it takes them to make a piece as opposed to HOW GOOD the piece is.

I understand this. Time is something we can control. Quality does not often seem like something that we can control.

Tell me, is there a story in your mind that sounds something like this:

If I can do this faster then at least they'll see that I'm quick even if my artwork isn't "good" enough yet.

I understand this story but this is a mistake. It also sets you up for long-term failure and disappointment.

Getting Faster Is Not Getting Better
Recently, I had an interview for an artist, named John, who was interested in taking the Character Artist Boot Camp. John was working in the industry already at a company that created 3d prototypes. His job was to turn a design into a 3D printable model as quickly as possible.

When he first started the job, John loved it. Every day he was working hard to get faster.

After three years, though, and deadline after deadline John realized he was not getting any better...

... And he wasn't getting any younger.

What would happen if three more years went by like this, he wondered. Would he miss his window, his chance of creating Hi-Rez characters for game companies like like Square Enix or like CD Projekt Red.

Quality = Better & Faster
Here's the simple math behind the problem:

* If you focus on getting FASTER, producing more work, you are not guaranteed to get better...

* If you focus on QUALITY, on a relentless pursuit of great work, then you will naturally get FASTER & BETTER over time.

This is the crux of the problem most people make: They choose to focus on doing something fast because speed is something that they can measure BUT speed does not guarantee you growth... only short term results.

Focusing on quality, on the other hand, can seem so out of control and everything just takes so long that it's easy to get discouraged.

It is, though, the one time-tested way to grow. The navy seals say, "Slow is smooth; smooth is fast."

Go slow today.

Focus on quality.

Put that extra 20% into your work today.

Much love,


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