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In this 16 minute video I talk to Eric Wilson about the purpose of studying anatomy and how we can use in instead of being a slave to it.

One of the primary traps that beginners fall into is the urge to “make it right”. I can totally relate to this and spent years studying anatomy hoping that I would finally understand it, sculpt it the correct way, and not make mistakes…

That’s a trap, a pit of quick sand, a cage…

Anatomy can NEVER truly be conquered. There will always be something to learn. Some model with a slight change in the proportions that you’ve never seen, for example.

However, it can be MASTERED. If you learn the rules of anatomy, the structure, the morphology, the skeleton then Anatomy becomes just another tool in your toolbox. A powerful tool but a tool none the less.

In this clip you’ll hear Eric Wilson talk about how he uses his detailed understanding of anatomy to further the expressive potential of his sculpts and really add pathos to the human figure.

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