Did You Miss Yesterday’s Webinars?

By October 3, 2018 Uncategorized

Hey there. Ryan here. 🙂

Yesterday I had two awesome Webinars.

Check out the replays here:

VFX For Games In Unreal
Portfolios & Resumes For Creatives

In the Portfolio & Resume Webinar, Melissa Altobello of Sucker Punch Games talks about the little known details of getting hired. She’s actually on the hiring team over at Sucker Punch and she reviews all the artists portfolios.

Do you know what gets an X on your portfolio? Make sure you take a listen.

One of the things she mentioned was that recruiters have 6 seconds on average to review your Resume. This means that how you structure that Resume can have a BIG impact on your chances of getting that job. In fact, in the Webinar, we all do a 6-second test of two different Resumes to see who we think is a candidate and who is not.

The other thing Melissa talks about is the Art Test and how you can get advance knowledge of what you might be tested to do.

Just an amazing conversation. Make sure you check it out HERE.



If you’ve ever wanted to get into VFX for Games, make sure you check out the conversation with Tyler Smith.

In that Webinar, we actually break down how to create a fire effect. It’s a very cool walk-through of the Unreal system.

It’s an amazing course I’m really excited to be starting this month. It’s a huge bonus in your resume and your portfolio if you can add that extra element of VFX to your Character or Environment.

Check it out HERE.

You want to grow. I want to help you.

Have an awesome day.

Much love,