Hey there. Ryan Kingslien here. 🙂

You know, education is changing. Online classes. Bootcamps like my Game Artist Bootcamp. So many different ways to learn.

A corollary to that (that we don’t often think of) is that what Recruiters are looking for is also changing.

I want to introduce you to a concept. It’s not mine. It’s been out there for a bit. It’s called Just-In-Time Learning.

I encounter Artists all the time who think they need to master Anatomy and Sculpting and Substance Painter… And then Substance Designer… And then Unreal and Marmoset and… and… and… and…

However, if you remember in one of my past emails, I mentioned meeting a game studio exec who lamented over having an Artist spend an entire day sculpting the shoelaces of a character in her first-person shooter, where they never look at the person’s feet. For this exec, that’s $300 down the drain. Multiply that by 10 artists on a team and that can get expensive fast.

You know, Richard Branson said that Time Is The New Money. It used to be that Information and Skills were the most scarce elements. But in the Information Age, where workflows and techniques are a couple of keystrokes away, then the winner is the one who gets it done the fastest.

Now, to the old Ryan, that sounds like a nightmare scenario. I want to be an Artiste about things. Take my time. Make it perfect. But, that was when I lived on steamed pork buns from Chinatown at $.20 a pop.

I really just want to put a bug in your ear today. What if it wasn’t about mastering software… What else would be the most important thing for you to build as an Artist?

I always go back to this word: Capacity. But let me explain that because there’s a difference between Capacity and Ability.

I have the Ability to lift something off of the ground. I have the Capacity to lift my small 35-pound daughter off the ground or my small 100-pound wife. Can I lift my f-ing Cintiq???? Some days that’s a question…

The same goes for my Art. You can get the step-by-step tutorials for cheap or free today.

For example, VinĂ­cius is doing a live workshop on Creating Bark In Substance Designer at GumRoad prices. You can check it out HERE. And that’s LIVE… where you get to ask questions.

It’s not just about learning all the buttons. Are you going to be able to create five different types of bark so the art team can choose?

See, we have the Ability to learn things fast and to produce creative work. But do we have the Capacity internally to create Art? And what would it take for us in today’s era of essentially free knowledge to build that Capacity?

I think I would update Richard Branson’s quote and say that Focus Is The New Money. With all the distractions and expectations and new software and new whizbangs… Distraction is everywhere.

If you were to Focus on just one thing today that would help you in your Art… What would that be? And what would your life be like if, every day, you Focused on one thing and made that one thing happen? What would you be able to do in 365 days?

Personally, I think you’d be capable of making magic. But that’s just my two cents.

Wanna learn more about Game Arts? Head over to gameartinstitute.com and check out the Bootcamp.

Also, don’t forget – VinĂ­cius is doing a one day live workshop at Gumroad prices. Seats are limited and this is probably the single-most impactful software for Game Artists at this point.

If you know somebody that wants to be an Environment Artist, make sure you send them over to Anya’s class. Just two weeks away.

Much love,

P.S. Here’s a direct link to Anya’s class: https://www.gameartinstitute.com/stylized-environment-art-creation-for-games-with-anya-jo-elvidge. We’re going to focus on creating a diorama in that class and something that is awesome for your portfolio.