I am the founder of UArtsy. And one of the jobs I love doing the most is unlocking the artist inside of you, so you can reach your full potential. And what I want to look at today is this idea of confidence in our art.

What does it mean for us to be confident? And I’m not going to say that I’ve got all the answers and I know exactly how things play out. I’m just the same as you!

As I’m working in this, I have my doubts. I look at some work that I’ve done in the past and sometimes my work didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. So I get unsure about where I’m heading in the future.

A hundred years ago for example, creating art was literally something you decided to do for your life. It was something that you built into your life because that was the way you made money.

Today, we’re not focused on survival in the same way we were back then. We’re focused more on thriving, on building up a beautiful life.

And that’s different! It requires a whole different set of skills than just needing to get things done and needing to survive. It’s this separate set of skills that really sort of take us in a different direction. And it’s the direction that frankly, we haven’t been very well prepared for, in my opinion. And we need to start to discover this today.

So we should dispel some illusions, to start. The first thing that I’ve discovered in working with a thousand of students that have gone through UArtsy is that most people think that they need to really be hard on themselves in order to produce quality work. They think that if they’ll let themselves feel happy with what they’re currently doing that they’ll eventually be disappointed.

Tell me if this is something you can relate with: You’re working on something and you’re really excited about it. Then you look at it the next day and you can’t remember what you liked yesterday! That happens to me all the time.

What is going on with that?! We have to be mindful of what’s happening in situations like these because if we routinely connect our own happiness with being disappointed later… well… that just makes things hard.

And so, when we are working, we need to learn how to be happy and unhappy with our work. We need to be okay with whatever outcome we get.

In essence, we need to commit to the journey, to the process… not the end result. We need to get in and connect with process, not the end result.

Just marry the process and don’t quit. It might be good or it might be bad. But our job on this road to creating artwork that we’re happy with, on this road to building confidence in ourselves as artists, is to just not quit.

Thank you so much for watching and look forward to hearing from you in the comments below.