Focus Equals Future

I either scored a hole-in-one or lost that damn tennis ball down a drainage pipe. Again. Or both…

Ever focus on something that you don’t want to have happen and then have it happen?

Picture this… I’m walking my dog this morning. It’s a beautiful hiking trail, Pacific Ocean on one side and all of Orange County on the other side. Can’t beat the view.

But I’m not checking out the view. I’m running after a small yellow tennis ball. I reach it just as it approaches the 8-inch diameter drainage pipe. My hand is outstretched. The tips of my fingers just lightly brush it as it disappears down the black maw of the drainage pipe.

Rewind just seconds earlier… I’m about to throw the tennis ball for my dog. I think, “Drainage pipe. The tennis ball will go right in there.” Only, I don’t want it to go in there…

It occurred to me afterwards that the Universe doesn’t know or care what I want. All those little desires in my heart are really just a bunch of nothings to the Universe.

The only thing the Universe knows is what I focus on. It’s as though it can’t see inside me. All it can see are the things that I do.

So, there I am, chasing after this little yellow tennis ball, thinking, “Damn, another tennis ball… But wow… What a shot! If I were Tiger Woods, I would’ve been impressed!”

My mother, when she was younger and in pain, had some relationship advice for me. She said, “Better the devil, you know…” The problem with that advice, though, is that it just brings you more devils.

As you can imagine, her focus was on not being alone. But that focus ended up just making her feel more and more alone.

It wasn’t until later in life, when she began to focus on herself, that she met a pretty cool dude that she’s been with for over a decade now.

So what problem are you focusing on and really just screwing up? And I just want you to consider this question:

Is your Focus part of the Problem?

What should you be focused on to achieve your goal? Your real long-term goal, not just your immediate short-term one…

Much love,

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P.P.S. Got a good source for cheap tennis balls? I’m all ears. 🙂