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" I want you to know that over the past year, (especially after I took Unleash)- you had a big hand in pulling me out of the most serious artistic slump I have ever fallen into in my entire life. THANK YOU!! Your course, along with all the super awesome and incredibly helpful videos you share with us all have gotten me back into my groove....and as a result: I'm beginning to feel human again. I need to create and paint stuff in order to feel alive...and I forgot that."

- David McMahon

"In those videos you talk about things I'm struggling for so long time. I work as an 2d/3d artist in game industry for over 4 years, before I was studying art at Academy and art history at University. My whole life spinned around art and art related stuff but ironically I'm not able to create my own art. You realised me so many things that were deep in me, my fears and locks. You're literally opening my mind! I'm really grateful for your talks. I'm looking forward next videos."

- Anna ┼╗ukrowska

"Ryan is an amazing instructor. I come away from his classes with AT LEAST a page of notes on paper. That doesn't even cover the all the new thoughts and inspirations that pop in to my mind during class. To all my peers and students (which are my peers too, even if you don't think so ;) check out this video. Come sign up and make some AWESOME!"

- Ian Southwell

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