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The program is for people who understand that as Artists there is another way to create and to live life - a way that doesn’t sacrifice creativity for our ability to create a living doing what we love.

Artist X teaches you to breakthrough your blocks to become a productive creator who can withstand the uncertainties of creativity and marry them with the requirements of a project, a team or your own business.

Imagine feeling fulfilled with your art and keeping that feeling alive for more than just a few minutes after creation...

Imagine working in a job or a field doing the creative work you love.  How would that make you feel?  What would you give to be able to feel that everyday?

Most of us, though, stay in our dead-end job in the hopes that we will, at least, be safe and collect our steady paycheck.

But look around you…

Automation, outsourcing, AI, robotics, while improving our standard of living, are removing jobs every day…

In fact, Oxford University predicts that 47% of today’s jobs will not exist in 25 years. Will your job be one of them?

Interestingly enough, creativity and the skills that you’ve relied on for years in your art are now listed as one of the top ten skills required in the 21st century. 


Have You Forgetten How To Be An Artist?

We are all born artists.

Over time, though, we learn to prioritize different parts of our selves to achieve in school, in our job, in our relationships.

Our culture supports and builds up that part of us that wants to be "realistic" and set the to-do list...

Our culture also supports the inner critic in us that censors our thoughts and our feelings...

... So we can fit in and find our place in the world.

Our artist, though, is still there... inside... waiting for the chance to show us what we can do...


The Problem Is... The Old Rules Don't Apply Anymore

The word "Artist" is either spoken in hushed tones of reverence or in dismissive tones used to explain a nephew's appearance. Rarely is there anything inbetween...

The expectation, though, that we become a solitary genius whose mere pen stroke upon paper is instantly valued at $200,000 does not fit in today's world of Creative Entrepreneurship.

The old guard of collectors, museums, and patrons just don't fit in a world of Graphic Designers, Game Artists, Product Developers, Inventors, Designers, Photographers, Directors,  Musicians and Virtual Reality Developers.

Nearly every creative enterprise now consists of some element of business either through Instagram sales to Facebook marketing.  All duties that used to be performed by others so that the artist could focus on their vision.

Today, though, Creatives and Artists are required to wear more and more "hats" and this makes it so much easier to get blocked.

The #1 Reason Why People Are Blocked

Have you ever just been completely stuck? Unable to create without feeling like everything you're doing is a disappointment?

The number one reason artists get blocked is Not what you think. It's not because they're not creative. It's not because they have no ideas.

It's because we forgotten what the purpose of being an artist is. Everything in our world asks us to be responsible to others. To trade our time for their dollars. To cut up our day and schedule our time to achieve their goals.

We've forgotten how to listen to the voice inside us to discover what we're truly passionate about. In fact, most of us have traded in our Passion For career or a salary.

We stopped following our own path. I get this period creation is hard. It is lonely. And there's no guarantee. Austin it is so much easier to follow in the footsteps of someone else . The danger is, though, that we forget ourselves.


ARTIST X revolves around FOUR main goals:


Learn how to live your life focused on your mission and not all of the tasks that life seems to throw in your way.


Your life is more than a check list. Discover what you are truly passionate about.


Learn how to accept and focus on your own inner genius. Focus on your strings instead of continuing to try to fit in to a world you already know is different than you


Your future lies at the intersection of imagination and action. Discover the tool, strategies that will help you act on your dreams


You are not alone. During the next eight week, together we will gain a toehold into the problems that you have faced by yourself and that toehold is all we need to gain the momentum needed to make lasting change. When you join me you get:

Weekly Live Sessions

Enjoy live group sessions where you get to interact with your fellow Artists via webcam, microphone, and chat. 

Weekly Hot Seats

Get individual attention on the problems and the pain you are facing to help you move past what is blocking you.

Daily Community

Join our Artist Awake community where 700+ artists enjoy an invitation only experience to connect, learn and grow.


8 Amazing Weeks That You’ll Enjoy When You Discover Your Artist X

Discovery, Appreciation, & Power

Discover what your rules are. Explore what your expectations are . Start to learn about the walls of the world that you've created for yourself to date so that you know what you have to break through 

Fact, Fiction & The Pit

Establish the facts, the feelings and the stories That I keep us where we are. Establish what your mission is. What do you want to achieve and finalize your challenge goals for body and being.

The Work

Set your challenge goals and weekly commitments. Get introduced to THE DAILY WORK that makes the difference between dreamers and achievers.

Body: Basics & Biochemistry

The body is the pathway through which we, as artists, create. Learn the simple steps you can take to get control over negative feelings that hijack your body and your mind.

Being: Gratitude & Generation

Fear of failure, of having to get a real job... these fears have driven you to achieve what you HAVE achieved.  However, they have kept you trapped in the state that you are in now. Learn how to break free of that trap and reach the next level.

Intervention, Iteration, Innovation

Understand behavioral DRIFT... Have you made a leap in your abilities only to find yourself back at square one the next day? Discover how to break free of the loop that keeps you from growing.

Roles & Rules

Learn to answer the following questions:

Whose driving your life?
Who do you want to drive your life?
Who do you have to be?

The Next Step

Map the GAP between what you want and where you are today. Discover your simplest possible path to get there.


Make The SHIFT In Your Work & Your Life Today. Enrollment Is Limited!

JAN 8 - FEB 26


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8 Live Weekly Mastermind Sessions

Weekly Hotseats

Access To Challenge

Access To Private Social Network

Private 1:1's

Downloads Of All Content


FEB 5 - MAR 26


8 Live Weekly Mastermind Sessions

Weekly Hotseats

Access To Challenge

Access To Private Social Network

Private 1:1's

Downloads Of All Content


What People Say About Ryan's Training

I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for not only me but other artists as well. My success and growth are partly due to your platforms and access to the best material and teaching available. I’ve had to bulldoze my way into the industry, nothing was handed to me, no one referred me, I was never published or won any compeitions, I had to simply become a good artist. It’s been one hard, long, tiring journey, and I’ve thought about packing it up, calling it quits more times than I can remember over those years, but I knew one day my hard work would pay off, and today it did. - Lawrence Kameen

Everyone told me to forget about trying to be a character artist, that artists have been trying for 6-7 years and that it would take me years before i get that chance. However I didn't give up, lots of hard work but if it wasn't for you guys and sharing your knowledge with us students i would never be here. 3 years ago i didn't even know what Photoshop was, and now here i am making characters for an unannounced triple A title and already have watchdogs 2 in my resume. I feel like saying thank you to you and all the instructors here is not enough, but's all I can say really, thank you so much for making my dream come true. - Sands Kopei

You hit the nail on the head Ryan. I've been following you for years and your webinars and motivational videos have not only been informative, but also an inspiration to me. - Adam J. Courville 

Ryan, I just want to thank you for your time and dedication that you put in. I am always impressed by your willingness to tackle topics such as these as well as psychology issues that Artists go through. - Alyssa Eigner

I'm writing just to thank you. In those videos you talk about things I'm struggling for so long time. My whole life spinned around art and art related stuff but ironically I'm not able to create my own art. You realised me so many things that were deep in me, my fears and locks. You're literally opening my mind! I'm really grateful for your talks. -  Anna Żukrowska

After being depressed, I came through your facebook channel and your videos.  You lifted my spirits when I heard you saying your own personal experiences and your thoughts.  Thank you very much for all your inspiring videos and words. - Μαρία Νικολοπούλου 

Love it Ryan. You have a level of clarity at I resonate with. I have a shot at delivering a teaching product that can be instructive, fun and educational. I can't think of a single burdensome stone that was not left unturned. - Stephen Gibson


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