ZBrush 4R8 has an amazing new feature called VDM or Vector Displacement Mapping. In this 30 minute video I look at what VDM is and why it is such an important new feature for us digital sculptors.

The key is understanding the role that alphas have played in the brush system up until this point. Alphas, in simple terms, are an efficiency. An efficiency that comes at the cost of specific real world sculpting behaviors.

They are cheaper, computationally, than adding in actual pieces of geometry. Alphas use three bits of information where geometry can take as much as 10 bits of info.

With the addition of VDM, ZBrush moves closer and close to the real-world experience of sculpting. I mean, more than it already is. 🙂

In my opinion, VDM is as much of a game changer as the Clay brush was back in my day and it’s power to help us sculpt, paint and imagine is only just beginning.

See ya there.

P.S. Want a prediction for the future? Implementing VDM tilt in connection with the tilt of your Wacom pen in real time. That would have helped the placement of the eye that I did in the video.

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